Bryan Kirkland creates classic interiors with twist

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Bryan Kirkland creates classic interiors with twist

By Linda Jerkins

For the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Bryan Kirkland has never had any formal training in interior design, but the Atlanta native and owner of BAK Designs has a natural talent for using color and pattern to create classic interiors with a twist.

Background: Grew up in south Atlanta and bought my first house in Virginia Highland in 1979. It cost $25,000. I thought I had hit the big time when I had a pool installed two years later. In 1985, I moved to Washington, D.C., and worked in interior design with Bloomingdales. In 1991, I moved to Miami, but headed back to Atlanta 10 years later.

How I got started: I have always been creative. I loved rearranging my room as a child and probably drove my mother up a wall with “I wants.” I started working in furniture sales. My second job was with Rich’s at Lenox Square. I was in visual merchandising and had lots of freedom to be creative. I realized I had a flair for the unexpected. And that continues today.

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The Italian Job

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The Italian Job

By: Phebe Wahl

Atlanta Homes & Lifesyles Magazine

When designing the guest retreat bath and dressing area, Kirkland was inspired by the Roaring Twenties, “when everything was all about glamour,” he says. Imagining Hollywood starlets of a bygone era needing an escape to pamper and primp, Kirkland crafted a dressing area where the closet would be today. The dramatic space is punctuated with powerful pops of vibrant orchid and whimsical touches like the “Flower Head” series of photographic prints by Gibson-Spizman.

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Bryan Kirkland-Modern Luxury

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