Bryan Kirkland creates classic interiors with twist


Bryan Kirkland creates classic interiors with twist

By Linda Jerkins

For the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Bryan Kirkland has never had any formal training in interior design, but the Atlanta native and owner of BAK Designs has a natural talent for using color and pattern to create classic interiors with a twist.

Background: Grew up in south Atlanta and bought my first house in Virginia Highland in 1979. It cost $25,000. I thought I had hit the big time when I had a pool installed two years later. In 1985, I moved to Washington, D.C., and worked in interior design with Bloomingdales. In 1991, I moved to Miami, but headed back to Atlanta 10 years later.

How I got started: I have always been creative. I loved rearranging my room as a child and probably drove my mother up a wall with “I wants.” I started working in furniture sales. My second job was with Rich’s at Lenox Square. I was in visual merchandising and had lots of freedom to be creative. I realized I had a flair for the unexpected. And that continues today.

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